There is no trust without transparancy @sugarfreecoach Atlanta…

There is no trust without transparency. @sugarfreecoach – Atlanta Social Media Examiner.com

Anything done with a routine mindset will affect credibility in the long run.

I asked Drummond Reed, one of the founders of Connect.me and the Respect Network, to share one thing he wants people who have not yet joined any reputation network and don’t get what it is all about to keep in mind?

“Reputation networks may seem as novel today as social networks were a decade ago. But the reason they will become as widespread as social networks is because they enable people to share not just who they know, but what they value about those connections. That knowledge has great value, and at Connect.Me we believe a peer-to-peer reputation network designed to help individuals capture and share that value — a “Wikipedia or reputation” — can unlock the tremendous potential of whatRachel Botsman refers to in her video as the Reputation Economy — of what Doc Searls calls the Intention Economy (in his book of that name).”

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TXNL's Single Remedies #LivingSugarFree

Building reputation and finding trust – Atlanta Social Media | Examiner.com

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